Thursday, September 27, 2007

Straight talk does make a difference.

Email from a Windsor-Tecumseh Voter who attended the debate on Tuesday night at the Serbian Center:

to John Curtin, FCP Candidate for Windsor-Tecumseh,

From my perspective you won the debate at the Serbian Centre.

Not because you were cute, or sweet, or polished, but because you were direct, honest, and sincere. To answer when you know your answer will displease certain audiences is the mark of a 'square shooter'.

My wife and I are both upset with the current educational system. I am Anglican and she was raised Orthodox so arguably we could find the Catholic system to be an OK option. However if religion is to be in the schools we feel it should be equally available to all religions, else there should be none of it and a family matter. This is a very personal and private matter for people and their families and should not be a subject of debate or oppression. Christianity teaches we all should do the right but we are all capable and allowed to do wrong. We must however take the responsibility for all our actions and live with the consequences which while on this earth would include the pain of damaged relationships, damaged health, as well as those things legal.

We therefore found some good in Mr. Tories promise. You have indicated that your party proposes a voucher system. This is what we feel absolutely to be the best. No large number of parents are going to put their children into a bad school. When they make these choices it will ensure the family is more deeply involved in the future success of their young. We see that where faith or specialty (e.g. music) education is chosen it will be more affordable to the parents and will offer some competition to the teacher's unions that are milking the tax cow to the limit. We visited the Pushkin School in York (a private school) and were amazed to find that while some of the teachers were not rated as qualified by the Public Standards, that in fact the students were winning scholarships and scoring way above all Provincial Averages. The parents of these children eventually were no longer able to afford the cost and ultimately the school had to close.

I truly wish all real conservatives could coalesce into a single party but I guess with the Fiscal, Social, Red, Blue, Democratic and other labels it is not going to happen. We are now considering which choice to make on Oct. 10.

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