Thursday, September 27, 2007

Vote No if you are pro-abortion

From The Windsor Star Thursday editorial:

"(...)While a proportional system would make it easier for new parties, like the Green Party for example, to gain a legislative footing, it would also make it easier for one-issue parties to do the same.

That raises a scenario whereby an anti-abortion party, for example, could hold the balance of power in the legislature."

The Windsor Star editorial

Among their arguments The Windsor Star is bringing up the boogeyman of one issue pro-life party. Such party does not exist. The only "anti-abortion" party in Ontario Family Coalition Party has well developed policies that would bring prosperity to Ontarians thanks to increased government accountability, parental choice and increased standards in education, and resolve healthcare crisis through use of Medical Saving Accounts. It would cut taxes and increase funding to the frontline workers by limiting mushrooming bureaucracies in public service. However right in their platform they proudly proclaim to be pro-life, pro-family. Scary stuff.

However The Windsor Star is right to point out that voting for MMP would give pro-life pro-family voters a chance to finally have their representation in the parliament.

One of the arguments of Real Women of Canada against MMP is the fact that far left groups support the electoral change. You can turn this argument around and see who they have joined on the NO side:

anti-Christian bigot Gord Henderson of The Windsor Star

pro-culture of death Liberal Party of Ontario

pro-culture of death Ontario Progressive Conservative Party

Did you wonder why there is so little information in public domain on the electoral reform? Who benefits most from the current system?

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