Friday, October 05, 2007

Now, Lynn Martin Show AM800 manipulates elections

Lynn Martin Show CKLW AM800 - I've just spent 40 minutes waiting in the phone queue to ask Windsor-Tecumseh candidates how would they address democratic deficit as created by local media censorship, and specifically how do they feel about exclusion of John Curtin from the Lynn Martin's show and exclusion of FCP and Greens from The Windsor Star coverage of local ridings.

Finally when the show ended I was told by the screener that Windsor West candidates during the show that followed would not want to answer my question, that they were only interested in their local issues. I tried to show him that it was quite presumptuous for him to speak on behalf of the candidates.

We are being actively blocked by the local media from sharing Family Coalition Party message with the voters. Producers of Lynn Martin Show @ AM 800 CKLW have refused to allow John Curtin to participate in the Friday morning show. All other parties, including Greens were invited. As I've described in the previous post, The Windsor Star has limited their coverage only to the three largest parties excluding both FCP and Greens.

The station's program director Keith Chinnery kindly explained to John that because FCP has no candidate in Essex then our candidates from the remaining ridings are not allowed to speak to their voters.

What a parody of democracy!

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