Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Windsor Star manipulating election process

My letter to the editor:
The Windsor Star has committed an outrageous act of censorship or, at least, failed in its duty to its readers to offer factual information. In Wednesday's riding profile on Windsor-West, the editors had omitted names of two candidates running in the election. These are: Daniel Dionne (Family Coalition Party) and Jason Haney (Green Party). That's true that they both represent smaller parties. However both of these parties gained hundreds of thousands votes across Ontario in the previous election. The Windsor Star has ignored over 1200 Windsor-West voters that voted for Green Party in 2003. This is a manipulation of election process that no media can be proud of. Not surprisingly people are turning to the internet and bloggers for true and factual information. If you want to find out what is really happening in Windsor and Essex County check W.E.Speak at There you will find a compilation of blogs, each with its own point of view and agenda that are not hidden.
Just in case that The Windsor Star is going to repeat its misinformation I will list the candidates for Windsor-Tecumseh: John Curtin (Family Coalition Party) and Andrew McAvoy (Green Party), for Essex: Jessica Fracassi (Green Party) and Aaron Parent (Libertarian Party), for Chatham-Kent-Essex: Mark Morin (Family Coalition Party) and Ken Bell (Green Party). I have not listed the three main parties candidates since I am sure the editors will not forget about them.
As I was afraid they have repeated this fraud in today's edition - this time in Windsor-Tecumseh riding profile.

In Wednesday's edition they blow up headlines and photos to fill the space to sizes never seen before on page 3 just to keep up the pretense of lack of space.

Today somebody forgot and left a gaping hole where the info on other candidates should be. Gaping hole not only on the page of a newspaper but in their reputation and democratic process. I can't recall seeing an empty space on the pages of The Windsor Star before.

Shame on you!

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